Racks with power up to 8 kW

High limit of power input enables to fill the racks to bursting. The power input of 8kW allows you to install a full rack of blade or storage technology.

8 kW

Pay per real consumption

Each rack is equipped with 6 electric meters reserved for the client so the client always pays only the real consumed electric energy.

ServerPark - VSHosting

Space efficiently solved PDU bars + cable balancers

Space is effectively usable thanks to the PDU outlets tailor-made and practical balancing panels.
Rack hosting ServerPark - VSHosting

"Remote hands" included in the price

Do you rackhost with us? On site, our techniques ensure the assembly of new technology, installation, replacement of disks. Everything you need without having to leave the comfort of your office. All within the service.

ServerPark - VSHosting

KVM over IP anytime

On your request we can connect KVM over IP anytime for you. Thanks to that you will get to the server without having to travel to the datacenter even with a non-functioning operating system .

ServerPark - VSHosting

High capacity rack (up to 2 tons)

The building is constructed on a deep foundation (piles) with extra load capacity of technical floors. Loading one rack can therefore be up to two tons.

ServerPark - VSHosting
Tonnage 2000 Kg

Assembling and consumer goods and tools always on the spot

Our clients can take the advantage of on-site vending machine situated in the lobby, where they can buy cables, screws and other consumables. At ServerPark, there is always also a set of tools, so you don’t need to carry anything with you to the datacenter.

ServerPark - VSHosting

Selling and renting of HW if necessary

We can stock up to 120 servers. If your server dies, within our complementary service, we will be happy to lend you one of ours.

ServerPark - VSHosting

Racks up to 47U

In our data center we use extra high racks that enable installation of multiple servers. Instead of standard 42U we use racks of size of 47U.

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