4 independent optical paths

Connectivity to ServerPark is fed by four independent directions. VSHosting owns all the optical paths (HDPE ducts) leading from the building. The data center is therefore resistant to the damage of 3 routes simultaneously.

Konektivita ServerPark - VSHosting

Unlimited data transfer

We do not limit data flows, either within Czech Republic, or abroad. The time of data limits belongs to the last century.

Konektivita ServerPark - VSHosting

DE-CIX, NIX and SIX straight-up

In order to expedite connectivity VSHosting is one of the few companies that are members of the major European peering centers. We are members of NIX.CZ, SIX.SK and the world's largest peering center DE-CIX in Frankfurt. Currently we plan to implement the second largest peering center in the world, which is AMS-IX in Amsterdam.

TIER 1 global connectivity

Global IP connectivity is ensured only by Tier 1 operators, such as Telia, Deutsche Telekom, Cogent and others.
Konektivita ServerPark - VSHosting

Top-class network elements

We use cutting-edge network elements from Cisco and Juniper.
Konektivita ServerPark - VSHosting

Presence of alternative operators in place

Do you want to rackhost, but you still want to have an additional connectivity input to the rack? In ServerPark we have other operators, for example, T-Mobile, UPC or Dial Telecom.

Data Center capacity 240 Gbps

Capacity of the data network is 240Gbps but thanks to the WDM technology, it can always be increased to multiples. We use hardware that is ready to 100Gbps ports.

Konektivita ServerPark - VSHosting
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