Doubled UPS

Battery backup sources keep the datacenter running up to 30 minutes, whereas the generators already start up after 30 seconds. The system is doubled and three independent sets of batteries are connected to each system. High efficiency of the UPS system from Emerson (> 96%) helps to maintain a low PUE of the datacenter.

Doubled generators

Generators keep the data center running even for a few days (for example during a blackout or failure of energy suppliers). Generators are designed for a larger margin up to 140% of the real maximum load of the data centers, and are also doubled in case of failure of one of the generators. Generators are subjected to monthly reliability tests.

Branded energy elements

In our Data Center you can find only the top-class energy components from the best manufacturers, such as SIEMENS, ABB or Schneider Electric.

Own doubled transformer stations

The data center has two own independent transformer stations 22kV/0,4 kV which are, for maximum reliability and in case of fire, structurally separated. The transformer stations are connected to energy connections from two independent directions.

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